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Take it to the next level with LEVEL X, the new generation of snappable high-power closed pod systems that will transform your vaping experience from ordinary to X-traordinary.
With its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, LEVEL X goes the extra mile, allowing you to:
Experience your favorite Flavour Beast ultra-sweet flavours in a snap
Enjoy up to 7000 exhilarating puffs thanks to the high-mL capacity
Savour a completely customizable experience with an easy-adjustable switching airflow and battery indicator
Indulge in an extra satisfying and environmentalfriendly vaping journey

Level X Flavour Beast Pod Key Features:
Beast pod capacity that will last you for up to 7000 puffs
Save more with reusable battery format
Soft Anti-Slip Grip
Switch between high and low airflow in a twist
Comfortable Mouth Piece

Flavour Beast Level X Pods 7000

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